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April 15th, 2009

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These are the kinds of posts this community is for:

A piece of writing that you wish to receive a critique on.

- This writing must be fantastical in some way, either outright high fantasy or slipstreamy or science fantasy or any other implementation of the fantastical that you’ve thought of. My definition is very broad.
- Original fiction only please.
- Please only post a maximum of 5,000 words in one post. It’s difficult to read much more in one sitting.
- You can post prose or poetry or plays.
- You can post a chapter of a novel, a scene from a novel, a short story, part of a short story, etc. Bear in mind that a later scene in a novel might be less coherent to people who’ve not read the beginning.
- You’ll probably find it useful to give a small note of what you’re looking for in a crit: grammar/typos, charaterisation, tension, sense of scene, clarity of motive, etc. No one here is psychic.
- If the work contains erotica, strong violence or a lot of profanity, please post a brief warning. (These are quite subjective things, I know, so go with your gut; if other members ask you to add a warning because they were unpleasantly surprised, please do so.)

Advice for an issue you’re having.
- Keep questions as concise as possible.
- Feel free to post excerpts of a troublesome part of the story, or various versions of that part. Keep to the 5,000-word rule, please.
- Questions should relate to writing. If you’ve got a more general fantasy question (‘What do you all think about dragons?’), you’re probably best going to [community profile] fantasy.

Requests for a beta.
- Novel critique tends to work better when shared among friends/betas rather than through postings in a comm. If you want a beta for your novel, you can post here. Keep the post concise: genre of work, short summary, any triggers people might want to be aware of (suicide, rape, addiction, etc), any adult content. Post a short excerpt, preferably from the opening chapter.

Please put all writing behind a cut. Don't know how to do that? click click

Please bring your work to a standard where we can be useful before you post. This means a proof-read and, preferably, an edit. Everyone misses a few typos, but readers are disinclined to wade through a whole swathe of them. Readers are also disinclined to read something that makes no sense or is riddled with plot-holes because it’s a first draft you couldn’t even be bothered to re-read.

I want this comm to be a safe space. Any offensive comments based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, etc, will not be tolerated. You’ll get a small leeway for ignorance, but you’ll be expected to educate yourself quickly.

If your work contains racist, sexist, etc themes, or paints sexual assault in an erotic light, you’d better be doing something critical and clever with it. Gratuitous rape porn will probably get deleted.


- Post advertisements for your online serial novel, your published novel, your other community, generic spam. These posts will be deleted.

- Post separate intro posts. Feel free to introduce yourself in your first writing posts, but I'd rather this comm doesn't get filled with intros.

- Post off-topic subjects, such as: whines about how difficult writing was today (asking advice for a specific problem is okay, but keep the question-less whines to your personal journal); non-fantastical work for crit (my definition of fantasy is pretty broad, but there’s got to be something fantastical there); questions/topics that don’t relate to writing.

- Flame. This community is interested in constructive criticism only. If you can only think of negative things to say about a work, that’s fine, but make sure the crit is going to be useful.

- Deliver personal insults. You can be critical of the writing, but do not start hurling names about or insulting each other’s intelligence.

- Praise without detail. Just as a flame is no use, a comment saying ‘OMG amaziiiiing ^__^; ’ is no use. It helps the author to know precisely what they’re doing right so they can keep doing that, even if you can only think of a short sentence like ‘I loved the way you described the setting’ or ‘I loved the tension between the two characters’.

- Post more than 5,000 words. You get a bit of leeway if your chapter is 5,200 words long, but anything over 5,500 please PM me first. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

- Post in strange colours or fonts or font-sizes. You might like pale pink font size 8 in a fake-handwriting font, but you’re probably the only one.

- Complain at negative critiques. If you’re being personally insulted or someone has written ‘This sucks ass’ and nothing more, PM me. If you don’t like the fact that someone has written a 20-point list on the plot holes and character weaknesses in your story, take a deep breath, get a bite of your pleasure-food of choice, and listen to the critique.

Repeat offenders will be banned at the mod’s discretion.


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