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May 5th, 2009

[personal profile] cat_rood12:59 pm
Actually, I know it's clocking in at the high end. The first draft was 320k, the second somewhere around 240k, so, at 130k, it's ready to be shipped to an editor.

Please note: I mean an Actual editor, NOT a publishing house editor. Meaning, someone who will tell me what's wrong, where and what can be done so it can be sent to agents/publishing houses.

I'm not stupid enough (and that's a personal opinion about myself, not a reflection on anyone else) to think that the third draft is anywhere near publishable. I think I've one or three more drafts, before that can happen.

As for finding time to read: I've found YA a lot easier to read, when writing, than anything epic. (I have GRRM to read, and several others.)

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