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April 15th, 2009

As I'd rather this comm doesn't become full of intro posts, please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments here.

What kind of fantasy do you like to write? Do you write long or short things? What are you working on at the moment? etc

Off-topic comments are totally fine. =)

I'm your mod, [personal profile] foxfinial (aka Alex), a reader and writer of weird fantasy. My favourite authors are China MiƩville, KJ Bishop, Catherynne M Valente, Milorad Pavic, Jeff VanderMeer, Steph Swainston, M John Harrison, Christopher Barzak and probably some others. I'm currently writing a novel about a war between humans and water-people in a secondary world heavily influenced by Thailand. It's being told in the form of a fake history book comprising various texts, such as translations (with footnotes, om nom), letters, chronicles, journal entries, messages on clothing. I've had some short fiction and poetry published, and am submitting a completed novel to agents.

I hope you like this comm!

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